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NATURE TRAIL (Specific) Now Open

1. a Tour Guide Training Nature Trail Kick of Training

$45.00 2 sessions of 45 minutes each (10 + participants)

b. Nature trail Kick-Off training

$45 1 seminar.


2. Reading - Children

3. Spanish- Children, Adults

4. English - ESOL

5. Vocabulary- ages 10-15

6. Spanish 101 ages 14-17 and adults classes

October -December Now Open

10 -week course. Two 1hr classes weekly

5 hours added when class has 5+ students)

Main Focus: Conversation, Pronunciation Grammar,

Grammar and some writing included.

Cost:$375 (No registration fee.)


Monthly fees for Regular Piano Lessons-Private & Semiprivate

a). 1x week = $100 Month (no more than 2 students)

b). Pay as -you-go classes $25.00hr. (1 student only)

c). Other arrangements possible.

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