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We have expanded our online programs . Thanks to our satisfied customers..

All Year and Seasonal Activities: For Homeschool, Inschool, Afterschool and Adults Ed

(All classes are presently given online)

Special Offer

Free Music Theory /Keyboard basics Class on Zoom

Class Format: Instructor shares screen, desplays slide, explains, describes, give

examples, etc. Attendees will turn off cameras, mute audio and listen. A question

and answer session follows. Attendee will unmute audio and answer questions

on the screen, in chorus or individualls. Homework assignment will be given.

Thanks for your cooperation

1. Beginners 1 (for zero beginners)

Work book: Not necessary

Mondays at 6:30 p. -&:30 EST


Name and telephone # to CampShineOut@gmail.com

for ID and Pascode

2. Beginners Refresher's (Free

Workbook: Must purchase.

Regular Piano Leson

1x week = $100 Month (no more than 2 students)

2x week = $ 200 month (no more than 2 students)

1x week- $ 500 for 6 months (no more the 2 students)

Pay as -you-go classes # 25hr. (1 student only)

All classes are paid in advance.

Other Classes Available.

1. Elementary Education

a. Reading (For first graders and remedial readers)

b. Math

c. Reading Comprehension

d. Essay Writing

e. Spelling

f. Time Tables

2. K - 12

a. Spanish Conversation, Grammar and Writing,

b. ESOL (English for Speakers of Other Languages)

3. Elementary , K-12, Adults

a. Music lessons - Keyboard, harp, theory

(Recitals are posponed until further notice)

4. Adults
a. GED

b. How To Teach Anything Online -For Trainers, Teachers and Instructors in various arts.

Schedules : May be flexible

Cost: Catered to the needs of the students .

How to join a class or take private classes:

a. Fill the form below

b. Email CampShineOut@gmail.com

c. Call (407)-917-0877 (No texting, voice message okay)

Consultation is free.

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drop US a line

feel free to contact us with questions or comments!

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Contact us and register before July 21, 2020