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Camp Shine Out

1. Music Classes

2. Basic Computer Classes (including Word, PowerPoint)

3. Work Online Skills Training

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Music Classes.

(All classes are given online)

A. Spiritual Care Sessions. (Instrument- harp)

B. Music Classes and finger drills/workouts

C. Rhythm Workout Exercises.

1. Piano Finger Aerobics for Senor Citizens.

2. My Keyboard and I companion classes for adults of all ages.

3. Alfred's Adult Basic Piano courses.

4. Alfred's Adult Sacred Courses.

5. Alfred's Adult Christmas Courses.

6. Courses to fit your needs.

Special Offer
Free Music Theory /Keyboard basics Class on Zoom

Beginners 1 (for zero beginners)

Work book: Not necessary

Mondays at 6:30 p.m. -7:00 p.m EST

Email Name and telephone # to CampShineOut@gmail.com for ID and Pascode

Kindly feel free to invite a friend out to Music Night Out even though it is online. Don't let the lockdown get you down.

Class Format for Free Music Theory, etc.:

1. Instructor shares screen, displays slide, explains, describes, give examples, etc.

2. A question and answer session follows.

3. Homework assignment will be given.

No individual will be singled out, unless you volunteer.

Thanks for your cooperation

Regular Piano Lessons Private & Semiprivate

1x week = $100 Month (no more than 2 students)

2x week = $ 200 month (no more than 2 students)

1x week- $ 500 for 6 months (no more the 2 students)

Pay as -you-go classes $25.00hr. (1 student only)

Finger aerobics group class 40 min. $5.00 each participant.

Packages for group homes available.

All classes are paid in advance. Discounts available. Ask how.

Work Online Skills Training

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